July in the Dakotas: Pack a Sweater

Fifty degrees is unusual for a July morning, even in the Dakotas. In fact, in some areas, it may be record-breakingly cool. The notion that certain gasses in the atmosphere of a planet cause it to retain heat more than others was proposed by Svante Arrhenius, a Swedish physicist, in 1896. He was right, by the way.

The proposition that sentient species on this planet, homo sapiens sapiens, are somehow responsible for the change in these atmospheric conditions, is an entirely new notion. The notion revolves around absconding with more of your wealth, freedom and livelyhood by a select few of the populace. Tune in, shut up and pay.

Earth is theorized to be about 4.6 billion years old. If that time line were stretched to a mile in length, the representation of human existence would be about the length of a grain of sand. The simple truth is, we hardly matter. Go out to your backyard, or the corner, or the park, or where ever tonight once the suns sets and take a good, long look at the sky. While you’re looking, consider the following:

Feel better now? I thought you might. It’s Friday, go have a beer.


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