Solar Eclipse Portends Disaster?

I don’t pretend to know what it is about natural or astronomical events that make asians paint their faces, light candles, bang gongs and howl at the moon.

To some, this recent celestial event is a harbinger of disaster, to others it’s a great time to hedge your bets regarding the afterlife.

In India and Nepal, where it is considered auspicious to watch the eclipse while immersed in holy water, crowds gathered at rivers or ponds, including tens of thousands of people at Varanasi on the Ganges.


“We have come here because our elders told us this is the best time to improve our afterlife,” said Bhailal Sharma, a villager who had travelled to Varanasi from central India.

If this is a sign of the big one, I wish whoever’s in charge would let it rip, already.

Armageddon it on!


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