Was $134.5 Billion in U.S. Bonds Carried by Two Japanese Men and Seized by Italy Actually Counterfeit?

It is difficult to locate any follow-up information regarding this matter on the internet. The story broke over a month ago and this post is the sole response to a Google search on the event this afternoon. Why do you think that is?

Let’s take a quick look at the facts of this fiasco.

On June 3, Italy’s Guardia di Finanza (Financial Police) arrested two Japanese men trying to cross the border into Switzerland. They were described as “in their fifties.” After initially indicating they had nothing to declare, a search of their briefcase turned up a false bottom with, yes, you read that correctly, $134,500,000,000.00 in U.S. bearer bonds.

Bear in mind that Italian law allows for government seizure of 40 percent of the value that exceeds 10,000 euro. That is to say, 10,000 euro is the amount you may legally cross the border with, undeclared. Forty percent of $134.5 billion, less 10,000 euro at current exchange rates. You do the math, but I can tell you, that’s a lot of tomatoes.

Did the Japanese fear the imminent collapse of the U.S. dollar and set out to dump these bonds at a discount in Switzerland? Are the Italians expecting their lawful cut of nearly $60 billion U.S.? Wait, it gets better.

For nearly two weeks,  Italian authorities attempted to determine the authenticity of these bonds.  They then called upon the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to figure out what in the hell was going on.   SEC spokesman John Heine declined to comment either way.

Who were the men smuggling these bonds? I can find no information about them save for being identified as “Japanese nationals.”

Are we to believe that someone would print or copy a ONE BILLION DOLLAR bond and expect to pass it off as legitimate? That’s like trying to buy a pack of Marlboros at the 7-11 with a thousand-dollar bill. Do you think anyone purchasing a bond of that amount wouldn’t bother to thoroughly investigate it’s authenticity?

Why has the web been virtually scrubbed clean of any updates to this story? Why does Bloomberg News quote Treasury spokesman Stephen Meyerhardt as calling the bonds “clearly fakes?”

If they are clearly fakes, this has to be the greatest counterfeiting scheme in global history. Why no follow-up on it?

Could it be the Japanese really were trying to shake off this loan before the financial “big one” hits this fall? If that’s the case, they sure picked the right way to go about it.  I woudn’t want to shake things up, either.


3 Responses to Was $134.5 Billion in U.S. Bonds Carried by Two Japanese Men and Seized by Italy Actually Counterfeit?

  1. REAL6 says:

    It’s just crazy how you don’t hear about this. The 3 men that were stopped 2 Japanese and one other non asian. The main one, his real name Tuneo Yamauchi is really “Akihiko Yamaguchi”.

    Here is his passport picture!!!


    Akihiko Yamaguchi was a top official at the Japanese Ministry of Finance, and the signatory for the Dragon Funds under the authority of the Ministry of Finance / Minister.

    Yamaguchi was also responsible for the unauthorized and illegal issuance of the Japanese 57 Series Bonds which were issued using the Dragon Funds as Collateral. Yamaguchi was subsequently arrested and incarcerated for Fraud.

    Obviously he is now out of prison and up to his old tricks. Some people never learn do they.

    However, the fact that neither he or his Japanese accomplice were actually arrested or charged by the Italian Authorities, when they are undoubtedly and blatantly breaking Italian Law relevant to the carrying of cash / securities across borders, and International Law whereby they were in possession of stolen property (The UST Historic Bonds 1933/34 = $134 billion USD) whereby the intent was to commit fraud and criminal / fraudulent deception by virtue of the possible illegal use of the Stolen Property; is in my opinion evidence that there is something more than just strange about the whole issue surrounding the $134 bill UST Bonds and the actual people involved.

    Perhaps the notion of Yamaguchi being connected to the CIA and covert operations has quite a lot of foundation.

    I also hasten to add that the other Japanese person in Italy with Yamaguchi may have been Mr Mitsuyoshi Watanabe (Yamaguchi’s accomplice in the Japanese Series 57 Bond scam)

    For those interested I attach in Adobe .pdf format, copies of Yamaguchi’s Passport and details of the illegally issued Japanese 57 Series Bonds, plus copies of the Passports of all other known persons involved with this illegal issuance matter, which I gained when investigating this same.

    Also here are some other passport pictures of the 2 other men involved.

    Dragon Bond:


    Mitsuyoshi Watanabe:


    Xavier Esoanola:


    These are the three men that were detained on the train then released with the bonds.

    Enjoy the info…

    If you want to see the most information about the bonds you can find them here on this thread i have been posting all the little information i find 🙂


  2. bigbeninjersey says:

    I very much appreciate your follow up on this event, and thank you for all the additional information!

  3. Extenze says:

    You are a very smart person!

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