Swine flu could strain US health care system

My question here is, who, exactly, will be straining these facilities? Certainly not the average American, who still views the local hospital for what it is. A HOSPITAL.

I remember growing up in the 1980s. Now, before you get on me for waxing nostalgic, hear me out. We were your standard group of neighborhood kids, and we did your standard neighborhood kid things. We played football, rain or shine. In the summertime, we rode bicycles from dawn until as far past dusk as we could get away with. You couldn’t keep me in the house, summer or winter, unless I was restrained.

I remember, during a crisp Sunday morning in October, a kid named Jimmy snapped his femur playing tackle football. There was a sickening CRACK, a shriek and then total silence. I remember the tip of bone that poked against Jimmy’s blue sweat pants and thought to myself “This guy needs to go to the HOSPITAL.”

Back then, if someone went to the HOSPITAL, you wondered if he was coming back. Not anymore. Wave after wave of illegal third world immigration has transformed our HOSPITALS into ….hospitals. They’re not such a serious place anymore.

Three years ago I injured my back. Three days later, when I feared I might become paralyzed and could hardly walk, I submitted to the pleas of my girlfriend and went to THE HOSPITAL. It took me half an hour to walk into the emergency room from the car. I seriously considered asking for a wheelchair, or even a stretcher.

Upon finally reaching the facility, with great firey bolts of pain screaming from my low back down into my ankles and a grimace of agony on my face, I was confronted with a sea of faces. Children running about, sniffling. Four or five different languages being spoken. No bones poking through sweat pants. No one bleeding to death.

Will the swine flu swamp our local hospitals? I am sure it will. There just won’t be any Americans involved.


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