Van Jones Resigns Appointment as “Energy Czar”

One thing will become glaringly apparent as this train wreck of an administration rolls along, and that is INCOMPETENCE.

I hope they have more trouble keeping this chest-beater away from the cameras. He certainly likes to hear himself talk.

Another thing I find interesting is that these newly appointed racists actually believe they can get away with such commentary. What that indicates is the average black political “activist,” elected or appointed, is convinced by the communist media that America truly does embrace their leftist agenda. I find this the most laughable issue of all.

Think about it. The outrage at this guy’s comments only solidifies the notion that there is a vast contingency of Americans who want no part of the one-worlder’s plan to water down Euro-America. Read the comments on this story through Breitbart here:…show_article=1

Mr. Jones is so deluded with his position and so brainwashed by the communist media that he thinks he can say and do anything, no matter how radical, and  America will embrace him. Wrong-O, pal.

AP states he will continue to work for the administration in some capacity or other. But of course.


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