The Last Of Zimbabwe’s White Farmers Face an Uncertain Future

The title of this post is about as polite as I can put it. Scores have been murdered and tortured since the ZANU party and it’s guerilla counterpart ZANLA united with the Mashona dominated ZAPU party to form the Patriotic Front in 1976.

By 1987, we had the  ZANU-PF, ostensibly created with a view to establishing a one-party state. Since that time we have rolled onward with the destruction of all races of people in Zimbabwe, through either violence, starvation or general civil unrest.

Charles Lock, one of about 400 white farmers who remain in Zimbabwe, had the following to say.

“Why do they want to remove me when I’ve complied with everything they want? What more do they want other than for me to pack my bags and leave and if that’s the case, then admit that that is the policy. Pass a law: no whites are allowed to farm. Then it makes it clear,” Lock said.

Images like this one paint a pretty clear picture.

Zim farmer abducted and beaten

Zim farmer abducted and beaten

What I fail to understand is how murdering the native born farmers is going to bring about some form of positive change. Of course, not much makes sense in Zim under Mr. Mugabe. I seriously doubt he takes any punches or goes hungry.

Link to CNN article HERE.


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