Detroit Property Auction: Can’t Give ‘Em Away


DETROIT (Reuters) – In a crowded ballroom next to a bankrupt casino, what remains of the Detroit property market was being picked over by speculators and mostly discarded.

After five hours of calling out a drumbeat of “no bid” for properties listed in an auction book as thick as a city phone directory, the energy of the county auctioneer began to flag.

“OK,” he said. “We only have 300 more pages to go.”

Some properties less than $500 continually received no bids.

With an increase in poverty and crime comes hopelessness and decay. More and more American cities will experience the blight of Detroit as our march to oblivion picks up speed.

Are you armed yet? You better be.


14 Americans Die in Two Afghan Helicopter Crashes


In the deadlier of the two, seven troops and two D.E.A. agents were killed when their helicopter crashed after “leaving the scene of a firefight.” The AP did not report on the type of aircraft involved or the unit of the men lost.

Now we have the D.E.A. involved in this fiasco. God only knows how civilian employees are going to screw things up for the combat troops on the ground. I would certainly have hated to tote some lard ass REMF D.E.A. civil servant through any exercise what-so-ever.

Meanwhile, the C-in-C gets his ball on and reads the teleprompter. Not to mention the hideous characters actually running this sideshow behind the scenes; the likes of Emmanuel and Axelrod. We need to pull our troops out of there and enforce our southern border. War on Terror my ass. Enough is enough.

Good luck guys, give ’em hell and get home safe.

King of Battle

King of Battle

Euro Breaches $1.50 USD


I know there’s a new currency in the works for the U.S. proletariat. I just wonder what the Federal Reserve is going to call it.

Holla fo a dolla, peeps

Holla 'fo a dolla, peeps

Just a matter of time until my EU citizenship comes through. Maybe then I can earn notes actually worth something.

Monday’s Joke 10/19/09


When the Boogeyman goes to sleep every night, he checks his closet for Chuck Norris.

Barack Obama Awarded Nobel Prize for Peace


I didn’t know Monty was Norwegian. I can think of no other reason for the U.S. Commander in Chief to have received this “award”.

Behind door number three......

Behind door number three......

Reader comments through the TimesOnline are interesting and can be found HERE. The past twenty years or so this area of the Nobel has been reduced to a paltry popularity contest save, perhaps, for Lech Walesa (was that 1983?) and the Dalai Lama.

Do post a comment and let me know what you think of this latest fiasco.

Rep. Israel Greeted With Shouts of “Stop Printing Money!” and “You Are a Moron!”


I have been really busy the past week and haven’t had time to update this tiny chunk of the net. To my ten or so faithful readers, I apologize.

Looks like the folks in Ka-Lee-For-Knee-Ya are getting a little riled. I would be as well, considering the state of affairs.

Mad as hell, and not going to take it anymore.

Mad as hell, and not going to take it anymore.

Entire story HERE.