14 Americans Die in Two Afghan Helicopter Crashes

In the deadlier of the two, seven troops and two D.E.A. agents were killed when their helicopter crashed after “leaving the scene of a firefight.” The AP did not report on the type of aircraft involved or the unit of the men lost.

Now we have the D.E.A. involved in this fiasco. God only knows how civilian employees are going to screw things up for the combat troops on the ground. I would certainly have hated to tote some lard ass REMF D.E.A. civil servant through any exercise what-so-ever.

Meanwhile, the C-in-C gets his ball on and reads the teleprompter. Not to mention the hideous characters actually running this sideshow behind the scenes; the likes of Emmanuel and Axelrod. We need to pull our troops out of there and enforce our southern border. War on Terror my ass. Enough is enough.

Good luck guys, give ’em hell and get home safe.

King of Battle

King of Battle


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