Detroit a “City in Crisis”

The U.S. Department of Labor reported a national unemployment rate of 9.8 percent in September. Michigan topped the list, as usual, recording the highest unemployment rate among the states at 15.3 percent. This is a 6.4 percent year-over-year increase in unemployment since September 2008, when the rate stood at 8.9 percent, again the highest in the nation. With Michigan’s economy mired in a severe recession, and no bright spots on the horizon, the state’s real estate market is destined to suffer a brutal and extended downturn.

Detroit, in particular, is a city in crisis. Shocking incidences of incompetence, corruption and scandal among city officials have thrown the local government into turmoil and left the city with a daunting leadership void. Local unemployment rose to a record high of nearly 29 percent during the summer of 2009. City services (police, fire, sanitation, 9-1-1, etc.) have deteriorated to deplorable levels. The school district is the worst in the nation. Population is declining. There are more than 80,000 abandoned lots and buildings within the city limits – a decaying landscape. The city has so much potential, but today Motown is in a very sad state of affairs. And as goes Detroit, so goes Michigan.

The above from a article.

Detroit is a shining beacon of the American future. It reminds me of the “indicator” species of animals that foretell the future of an ecosystem. Once the frogs start to go, for instance, you know you have a pollution problem. Well, Detroit is like a huge frog in the pollution of present day America. When it croaks out a death rattle, I think there may be many others to  come.

If anyone has interesting links to stories on the city that was once called “the birthplace of the American middle class” please post a link and your comments.

In the mean time, friends, buy canned goods and ammo.


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