Arrow Trucking Folds and Screws Drivers Nationwide

By D.R. STEWART World Staff Writer
Published: 12/22/2009  9:31 AM
Last Modified: 12/22/2009  8:35 PM

Arrow Trucking Co., the 61-year-old Tulsa-based flatbed carrier, has suspended operations indefinitely, laying off employees and stranding scores of drivers around the country by cancelling fuel credit cards, company employees and drivers said.After closing down the company phone system Tuesday morning and not accepting cell phone messages throughout the day, the company issued a statement from CEO Doug Pielsticker at 6:21 p.m.

“The company has been in negotiations with its principal lender,” Pielsticker said.

“Those negotiations are continuing, but the lender has elected to proceed with securing its collateral. The company is communicating with several interested parties and continues to seek a prompt resolution.”

One of Arrow’s lenders is Daimler Financial Services, which owns the company’s Freightliner trucks.

Beginning just before noon Tuesday, callers to Arrow’s west Tulsa offices were greeted with a recorded message: “Drivers, if you’re in Freightliner KW, please take your truck to the nearest Freightliner shop. Call this hot line number to Daimler, (877) 294-9679. They will arrange for you a bus ticket home.”

Ordinarily, I tend to focus on international issues around here, events that have the potential to become life changing horrors for all of us. This event may not seem to be just that, but I assure you it is .

But many drivers didn’t have enough gas to make it to a Freightliner shop, Tulsa or even their next delivery.

So you guys lease these vehicles, hire the guys to drive them, and then STRAND THEM ON THE ROAD WHEN YOU FOLD?? It is the sweat of these dudes that lubes the profit machine.

Does anyone have an idea how dangerous and difficult it is to drive a truck in this county? When they stop shipping goods to you, you won’t have any goods. Wake up. Here’s the link.


2 Responses to Arrow Trucking Folds and Screws Drivers Nationwide

  1. “Screws drivers nationwide” is right!! I can’t believe that they abandoned their employees right before Christmas.. providing checks that bounced. I feel so sorry for all those families whose holidays were ruined because of Arrow…

  2. bigbeninjersey says:

    Spot on, Melany. Thank you for coming by and thanks very much for taking the time to comment.

    Let “them” know we are madder than hell and we won’t be pushed around!

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