Press Secretary Gibbs: “Whatever it Takes to get Healthcare Done”

President Obama urged Congress on Wednesday to “finish its work” on health-care reform legislation and indicated support for a Democratic legislative strategy that includes a politically risky procedure known as reconciliation.

Righto, Bobby. The U.S. Constitution be damned in the process. This guy is the front man for the current administration, and he is a disgrace. The media is routinely undermined by the tactics of the White House, and with aplomb. It is outrageous.

Why is it that the President cannot respond to legitimate inquiries in an open forum? G.W. Bush at least had the decency to stumble through them from time to time. I can only imagine what this regime has done and is doing behind the scenes.

Worse than deception is the mouthpiece of the deceivers.

Healthcare “reform” legislation is the new cornerstone of our demise. Count on it.


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