Poland’s President Kaczynski, wife, delegation killed in plane crash


What is left of Polish President Kacznski’s  Tupolev Tu-154 after crashing into a wooded area just short of Smolensk Air Base in Russia. Apparently, they have already managed to determine it was pilot error that caused the crash. I say it’s a little early to make that determination, but hey, I’ll leave it to the experts.

See HERE for more information regarding this aircraft. It ain’t pretty.

See HERE for additional information on Kaczynski.

See HERE for BBC link to crash. That link includes a silent video.

It’s too early to tell exactly what went on here, but there was a helluva lot of brass for one plane. If you’ve come across this page, please leave a comment with your opinions. Thanks!


Paul Craig Roberts on the Real Reasons for our Involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan


The more likely explanation for the US invasion of Iraq is the neoconservative Bush Regime’s commitment to the defense of Israeli territorial expansion. There is no such thing as a neoconservative who is not allied with Israel.  Israel hopes to steal all of the West Bank and southern Lebanon for its territorial expansion.  An American colonial regime in Iraq not only buttresses Israel from attack, but also can pressure Syria and Iran from giving support to the Palestinians and Lebanese.  The Iraqi war is a war for Israeli territorial expansion.  Americans are dying and bleeding to death financially for Israel.  Bush’s “war on terror” is a hoax that serves to cover US intervention in the Middle East in behalf of “greater Israel.”

Paul Craig Roberts telling it like it truly is regarding our current conflicts. Please take the time to read his entire article, hot-linked to the above quote.

In truth, you need only ask yourself one question regarding our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. Who benefits from our endeavors there? These actions cost us trillions of dollars, paid out while our economy and infrastructure here at home slowly unravel.

Research financial preparedness and make ready right now. There are dark days coming, friends.