Gulf of Mexico…this is London calling….this is London calling

I have had to consider many things in the past few weeks. Issues that force any personal difficulties I may be experiencing far, far from the forefront. I hesitated to write anything here this month because there was nothing positive, nothing uplifting to comment on. It isn’t pleasant to be aware, believe me. I don’t find any joy in uncorking this flow of reality and printing it any more than you will find joy in reading it. The simple truth is it has to be said. I cannot comment on the FIFA World Cup with current events unfolding the way they are.

By now you must be aware that there is a flow of liquid petroleum and noxious fumes escaping into the Gulf of Mexico. Americans close to the epicenter of this disaster surely know better than those of us on the East Coast, many miles away. We in the former region are privy to a limited amount of information brought over the satellites via the usual sources. We lack a boots on the ground perspective because we are not allowed to experience it.  We see a leaking pipe, dead creatures here and there and the usual suspects with great hair and Jimmy Choos telling us the ‘original estimates’ of this leak were X when we now realize they are Y. They are Y, alright, and Y is turning out to be a pretty big deal after all.

To comment on man’s disrespect of Mother Earth, however true that might be, would be a disservice to this calamity. Of greater concern is man’s disrespect to his fellow man. The audacity of our leadership once again shines through as they hide the facts surrounding this event for what they deem to be our greater good. The almighty ruling elite know full well the severity of this event. That is why investigative media outlets are being turned away or detained outright when they attempt to bring information to the ‘Mercan sheeple. The ubiquitous THEY will decide what level of information the great seething masses should receive. That issue brings us to the core concern; what extreme level of human behavior will be acceptable in the event this catastrophe gets out of hand?

Not extreme as regards the actions of the local civilian populace of the affected regions, but as regards those ushered in to maintain control. If the affected areas are found to be uninhabitable, and we are talking about a large portion of the American countryside here, what level of government action will be considered to maintain order? Will people be forcibly removed from their homes? How can the government, currently 1.6 trillion dollars in debt, even begin to make these people whole again? Surely they cannot afford to house these citizens in the manner they are accustomed. I think the middle class of the affected areas can look forward to a canvas tent and an MRE or two.

What of the global consequences? How large is this reserve of poisonous liquid and gas a mile beneath the sea? No one knows. I know one thing, however, and that is that BP would not invest in drilling a well for a small amount of petroleum. Common sense should tell you that. This thing is gargantuan.

What the hell is this?

There’s a photo I copied from somewhere on the net. Do you know what it is? I surely don’t. I question all of the information I come across regarding this disaster. When people are detained trying to investigate matters, it tends to make me just a little dubious. For all I know the above video capture was filmed in a fish tank somewhere in the U.K.

If you want more information on this, do some homework. I’m not going to waste my time posting links. Well, I take that back. I will post one link here. Take it for what it’s worth.



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