On Atomic Iran, the Usual Hypocrisies and Inching Closer to the Brink


The Iranians, with Soviet assistance and a little luck, will get their nuclear ambitions off the ground this Saturday, 21 August, Year of Our Lord 2010. You can be sure that this has caused some hand-wringing and, perhaps, more than a little sleeplessness in Washington. I don’t believe it has caused either in Tel Aviv, though. I think the Zionists are making plans.

Despite a failure to disclose any information about their own nuclear capabilities, along with a wink and nod ambivalence from their American patsies, the Israelis have dealt with neighborly nuclear ambitions in a customary fashion throughout the years. They have flown by in the dead of night and dropped fire on them. You have only to ask Palestinian school kids what it’s like to have those guys for a neighbor, and the biggest threat from them is a flung hunk of pavement.

I am curious what Russian personnel will be in and around this facility when they throw the switch, if it gets that far. I don’t think Mother Russia is going to sit idly by if these people are injured or killed by a covert Israeli strike. Considering the audacity of their actions throughout the years, not to mention the recent slaughter of civilian aid volunteers in international waters, the next few days could be interesting indeed.

What Israel deems appropriate regarding it’s foreign policy is, frankly, of little concern to me. It is their uncanny ability to incite the U.S. military to action that gives me agita. I am reminded of the recent words of Oliver Stone, who stated “They (Israel) have fucked-up U.S. foreign policy for years.” Considering Mr. Stone’s primary occupation as a film maker, he was squeezed into an apology for that slip-of-the-truth almost as soon as he had said it. Such is life in Amerika these days.

Let it be known that I wish the Iranians no ill will, and it seems to me we should stop meddling in other nation’s affairs when we have such drastic problems at home. Not one more drop of American blood should be spilled in any of these regions. If atomic power and weapons are such forces for tranquility and stability when used and stockpiled by Israel, I don’t see how anyone can dictate Iranian policies regarding them.  Moorhead Kennedy and the rest who endured Iranian captivity during the glorious Carter years will please forgive my laissez-faire approach to the current Iranian ‘dilemma.’ Simply put, there is no dilemma as I see it.

May you live in interesting times. This is said to be an ancient Chinese curse, the first of three curses which increase in severity. A gold star next to your name, faithful reader, if you can recite the following two.