Arizona is a sharp stick in the eye of the Federal Government


Whenever someone in a position of authority, from the local cops to circuit Judges, shouts “Racist!” you had better take heed. This is a vital step forward in the battle to erode your civil rights. This method is being brought to bear, firmly, against the Arizona Republic. Arizona is awash in illegal aliens. You will notice I did not use the current Newspeak description of ‘undocumented worker.’ This is because, contrary to popular belief, they are not there to pick apples and cut lawns.

If there were thousands of Swedes running amok, paying no taxes, entering our country without any cursory health examinations, driving drunk and uninsured, smuggling drugs, raping and murdering American citizens and weighing down our already over stressed public services, would it be ‘RACIST’ to point THEM out and question them?

Why is it  racist to expect colored people to adhere to the basic rules and tenets of society? Why are they continually excluded from the rules and regulations that the rest of us need deal with every day of our lives?

Wake up, federal government! Illegal is not RACIST. Illegal is simply illegal. Swede, Mexican, whatever.

If this country of ours is so concerned about infiltration by fanatical terrorists, you’d think they would do something about a corridor through which thousands of people illegally pass every week. Do you think all the recent legislation, up to the Patriot Act and beyond, has kept you safe from ‘terrorism?’ That dog don’t hunt, brother. That legislation was passed to bring the boot down on you, the concerned American. The watchful eye, ever closer to your ass with every Bill signed.

Reason no longer holds sway in this fine land. It is now about blind acceptance of whatever current opinion holds sway, and your rights under the U.S. Constitution be damned.

What of all the people who fought and died for that document? What of the grief of the loved ones of those souls? Do they hold sway over any of this madness? When one can simply walk through the dust and suddenly be granted all the amazing benefits of being an American, all the suffering and sacrifice of prior Americans is for naught. Wake up! This is OUR land, from sea to shining sea, remember?

Here is the whole pathetic story. Please take the time to read it.

God speed to you, and if that won’t cut it, SECEDE!